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Advisory Binder

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The Student Advisory Binder contains six key sections

  • SELF: Student products that summarize personal motivations, assets, character traits, and knowledge.
  • COLLEGE AND CAREER: Student products that demonstrate personal qualifications and achievements.
  • MY PLAN: Student products that illustrate short-term and longer-term personal goals.
  • JOURNAL ACTIVITIES: Written summaries of present-day perspectives on lesson topics.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE ACTION: Assessments, plans, and reflections of community service activities.
  • ADVISORY PROJECT: Term research project for Brotherhood/Sisterhood or capstone project
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Teacher Binder:

Purpose: The purpose of the BLHS is that their advisor knows every student very well. Our advisory program is designed to promote positive student relationships and habits that result in quality outcomes. Advisors and students leverage interpersonal relationships to create and work towards meeting academic, post-secondary, and social and emotional goals. Advisory courses provide an ideal setting to teach and practice important life skills. Essential student information is provided to students through the advisor including graduation requirements.


i.Every student graduates with an advanced regents diploma

ii.Every student is college-ready

iii.Every student maintains 90% attendance

iv.Every student has a strong relationship with his/her advisor

v.Every student develops trust and respect for fellow advisees

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