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Social Studies

BLHS Social Studies Department
Mission Statement

Bushwick Leaders High School the social studies department strives to develop in our students the values that allow them to thrive in a democratic society. They are respect for truth, commitment to life-long learning, respect for humanity, and commitment to democracy.

The history department strives to instill in all students a deep respect for humanity. This requires that our students understand how history impacts the present moment, how history may shape multiple viewpoints and it requires that our students be active agents of history by being active community members.

The history department will educate in an environment that encourages a commitment to democracy. Students will be given opportunities to learn responsibility by participating in real world experiences with a commitment to justice. The department aims to develop in students a sense of self awareness; where they’ve been, are now and will be in the future. Students will be prepared to take on diverse, life-long roles as learners. It is important for students to realize civic (social) responsibility is shared with their classmates, teachers, administrators, families and the community.

The department expects that students engage in continual self reflection on their behavior and their learning. Curriculum will encourage students to respect their intellect and to be inquisitive by questioning their surroundings.

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